Composition of your tariff

  • Finished structure of the portfolio. Stock weights are updated every minute
  • 4 types of portfolio, depending on the risk profile of the investor
  • Online streaming of capital
  • Access to risk databases and fundamental market analysis 
  • Skype technical support
  • Skype consulting support
  • Personal training

Costs are paid off

The subscription is paid by the profit from the portfolio

Market growth can reach 20-30% per year. Without technology Zefinance the investor risks to keep up with market growth. 

The profit of the portfolio by the method ZeFinance can recoup the cost of service for several years ahead.

Subscription is paid by our direct costs

We spend $4000-$5000 in the year of paid content, independently analyze the state of the market and possible risks.

The investor gets access to exclusive paid information and saves time on its analysis.

Zefinance in figures

>50 millions of rubles funds managed by clients


Average annual excess of portfolio returns Zefinance above IMOEX index

11 years old

The analyzed stock markets of the USA and Russia

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